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Streamlining sales
one swipe at a time data entry and reporting so fast and easy that you may forget you are doing it.

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Keep Salesforce always up-to-date

Never miss a sales opportunity again. Log in meeting and call details and all other sales activities super-fast and instantly when they occur - without typing. Keep your Leads and Contacts in perfect order by just snapping a photo from a business card. Zero Keyboard will create or update your leads and contacts automatically so they are always up-to-date.

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Never mind the typing, here comes the swiping

This is a truly mobile, typing-free Salesforce experience and the easiest, most fun way of using Salesforce. Forget typing altogether. Use swipes, pics and your voice to enter Salesforce data instead. Zero Keyboard helps you keep all your sales activities up-to-date with your thumb on the mobile phone. 

Use Salesforce anywhere, anytime 

The zero typing Salesforce experience liberates sales professionals. From your car, train, plane, airport, customer’s office, restaurant or anywhere, you can always swipe to update Salesforce. And full offline support means even a slow network can’t stop you. 

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Focus on sales, not reporting, and save time 

What could be more inefficient than opening your laptop every time you need to update sales activities on Salesforce? With Zero Keyboard, you can literally save hours each week by updating everything on-the-go and in seconds. 

Your app - ready when you are

Zero Keyboard works out-of-the-box—without IT, an approval process, training or even signing up. Download it from your app store, log in with your Salesforce credentials and get started. Zero Keyboard is ready—for free—whenever you are.

PersonalFor personal use

$0 Free
  • Salesforce integration
    (w/ Standard Objects: Events, Tasks, Contacts, Leads, Notes)
  • Activity management
    (Event & Task)
  • One click call & log a call
  • Quick Workflows
    Add a Note, New Contact & New Lead (with automated biz card scan)
  • Full offline functionality
  • FAQ Support

TeamFor sales teams


per user, per month

  • Includes all personal features +
  • Update all Salesforce basic objects
  • Access to Workflow Studio
  • Customized Team Workflows
    Create your own workflow
    Change default workflows
  • Centralized team control
    Manage team members
  • Centralized billing
  • Email Support

EnterpriseEnterprise solution


per user, per month

  • Includes all team features +
  • Update all Salesforce custom objects
  • Manage multiple teams
  • Full integration inside Salesforce
    (managed packet)
  • Custom Branding
  • Out-of-the-box Salesforce reporting
  • Phone Support
  • Implementation & Onboarding (add-on services)

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