Drowning in business cards

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

If you’re like me you come home from conferences and trade shows packed with new ideas and huge pile of business cards. After breathing office air for a while it’s time to start the follow up, right? Well, I can break the task into two significant problems, and I bet you feel my pain:

  1. I would need to convert those 100+ business cards to leads and contacts in Salesforce.
  2. I have only some gibberish notes of what was discussed and agreed with each contact.

Reality check. With all the tasks piled up on my desk during the conference absence there’s no way I have time for this. Even if I wouldd have someone to type those in Salesforce for me, they are still missing the most relevant information – what did we discuss and what’s the next step?

Now, the upcoming Dreamforce ’15 in my mind, I wanted to do things differently. What do you do when you cannot find tool good enough for the task? That’s right, you do it by yourself. We created Zero Keyboard for Dreamforce which helps me to convert all the encounters into leads or contacts to my Salesforce in 10 seconds and, oh yes, without typing! Take a picture of a business card and swipe through couple of questions that help you or your colleague to follow up the lead. BOOM! You have 100+ pre-qualified leads waiting for you when you get back.

We are happy to share. You can grab yours from App Store in a few days. It’s free. And not that kind of free as we have gotten used to in the age of in-app purchases and ads. It’s 100% free and you can continue to use it after Dreamforce as long as you like to. I know I will. See you guys in DF.


Antti Rikkinen – COO