The Future of Business is Mobile

Rauli RikamaZero Keyboard

Business goes where the markets are, and in the connected world of today that is everywhere. With more and more customers spread on a global market, customer relation management has evolved out of necessity to facilitate a brand new frontier: mobile. In the advent of cloud based computing came Salesforce, an online service provider centered around making CRM a faster, more practical endeavor.

Over the years as CRM grew to meet the demands of social media, so too did the necessity for a mobile, easily accessible platform. The global markets agree: cloud based CRM applications have soared in recent years; without the need to lug a computer with you on a daily basis, entire companies began to drive their CRM bases into handheld devices one after the other. Companies have offered Salesforce alternatives, such as Tact and SalesLoft, but a true upheaval within mobile CRM has yet to take place.

Now it’s time for another change: in the years to come, CRM solutions are expected to grow more and more into software as service with the goal of unification of all communications into a single channel. This is where Zero Keyboard comes in.

Where Salesforce grew from a desire for simplification and ease, so too has Zero Keyboard been created with the goal to create the next evolution of mobile user experience. No longer bound to typing on the go, often one handed, hoping to catch small details as they pile up, Zero Keyboard focuses on gesture based Salesforce updates, where each swipe of the screen is as meaningful as multiple taps on a keyboard used to be.

As voice controlled AI research soars, the necessity to fill out endless forms with a mobile keyboard becomes a thing of the past.

With contacts synced directly within the application, customer information connected to calling cards as simply as scanning it with your phone, all controlled through an intuitive gesture based UI and dictation; Zero Keyboard looks to put the power of truly mobile solutions into the hands of salesmen everywhere – without slowing down, integrating natural motion with management.

Rauli Rikama – CTO