When Adoption is Not an Option

Annina PiersonZero Keyboard

Your company has decided to go with Salesforce, and so have You.

All sales people have heard the story about a company, which would not pay their sales team, if they did not keep Salesforce up to date. Funny enough, no one ever mentions the name of the company, so, perhaps it’s just an urban legend. Nevertheless, the story has a point; to extract accurate reports, you need quality, up-to-date information in Salesforce.

Salesforce is the most used CRM system, and not the cheapest. It is an investment, and whether your sales team would like to adopt it or not, is not an option. However, sales people are not necessarily liking this. Why?

Most sales people are mobile, and although Salesforce has some really cool features, entering data on mobile, is NOT one of them. This is where we step in, providing the missing link. We make mobile use of Salesforce easy on the go, even offline. We are, in fact, the perfect companion for it.

So, if your challenge is low adoption rates, or the classic “Garbage in – Garbage out” syndrome, have your team try Zero Keyboard. The basic uses, such as capturing contacts, logging and making calls, managing tasks and events, are free. If you have business crucial customized workflows in Salesforce, we can bring those into the app, too.

Imagine if your sales team would be able to enter data, update Salesforce in the car, sitting at an airport, basically anywhere – without ever pulling out their computer. If data entry would be fast, easy and painless, don’t you think your adoption rates, the input data and your report quality would increase, too?

Annina Pierson