Machine Learning and CRM

Annina PiersonZero Keyboard

Personalization as a Science.Machine learning isn’t new, it’s been around since the 1950’s, but in the past few years, it has grown from a tantalizing what-if, into a groundbreaking new frontier that has developers drooling. It’s not hard to see why; maximizing the potential for customer retention and management without devoting more manpower to it. What’s not to like?

It’s even been linked to theories on economic hypergrowth.

Already popularized by such devices as the Amazon Alexa, machine learning has become the go-to-method for developers and businesses to understand their clients’ demands, needs, and interests on the go – tailoring experiences uniquely to their needs.

For businesses thriving on CRM, it couldn’t be more valuable.

What are the immediate benefits of machine learning and CRM?

Simply put: it is a future facing industry. Machine learning builds on understanding the interactions between clients, and then creates the connection for what comes next. But in the fast moving world of sales, that simply isn’t enough. This is why machine learning is already ahead of the curve. How? Machine learning constantly analyses past moves and client aggregation, it creates repeat actions and makes predictions of the future on the customer level.

Because machine learning treats each individual component as a point of data, it can automatically customize itself to suit the needs of any customer without the necessity of manual operations.

And this isn’t all, machine learning is a constantly evolving field that is being mined for new operations. Machine learning has already become the standard for such major companies as Microsoft within their CRM architecture. As machine learning becomes more and more intuitive – as it stands now, it can be used to understand the basic motivations behind customer actions within CRM.

Combining machine learning with the ease of use that Zero Keyboard offers, will make handling customer retention not just faster, but easier, more fluid, and extremely personalized even when dealing with thousands of people at once.

Annina Pierson