Is it really a surprise that fast paced business is moving all mobile?salestool, crm, mobile, salesforce1

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

Everything is going mobile or is there already. You order your food from mobile, you handle payments through mobile, you use Facebook on mobile, you book flights on mobile. The list is endless. And things are about to get even more mobile. There’s new generation hitting college who are born with touch screen. They use laptop for 0% of their tasks.

Considering this, is it really a surprise that fast paced business is moving all mobile?

I am on the move most of time. Meeting customers, partners, prospects or traveling between these meetings. We built Zero Keyboard for the sales reps like me using Salesforce (and like you, if our new CMO did a proper job).

We wanted to use every aspect of what today’s smart phones have to offer. To revision completely the usual form-based user interface that CRM systems have taught us reps to use. With Zero Keyboard, as the name promises, you use swipes, voice and photos instead – zero typing!

In my daily work it means that wherever I am – at the customer, car, plane, toilet, trade show floor, gym, restaurant, skiing – I can do all of this:

  • Scan business cards and update my contact library
  • Make and log calls
  • Sync meetings and meeting notes
  • Check my to-do list and mark them done.

Everything is synced to Salesforce in real-time and while offline like on a plane, we queue the updates and sync them when back online.

You can do the same. Everything you do online off-work is going mobile, so why shouldn’t updating your sales activities go as well. In the end of the day, you will make your manager happy (too) with better sales data to work with. And you have more time to engage with your clients.

So why not go ahead and give it a try by downloading Zero Keyboard from AppStore or Google Play. And hey, it’s free. Let me know how you like it, so that our team can fine-tune the experience for you.

Antti Rikkinen – COO