Optimize productivity with full mobile experience

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

Let’s take a quick role-playing exercise. I’ll play a 30-something, success-hungry B2B sales professional. You’re my sales team leader. I want to close great deals quickly. You want to keep your team happy and productive.

Sounds fair? Let’s do it.

I’ll start with a confession: I don’t really care about the working hours set in my contract at all. I work all the time – and I mean this in a good way. My brain works and processes things constantly. I get ideas, organize my to-do list and plan my day for tomorrow. I do this on the subway, at the gym and at home after the kids have gone to bed.

Now, my brain capacity is limited. I need tools, mobile tools. I really don’t want to boot up my MacBook after shower.

Here’s where your role play starts. What kind of tools will you give me?

Another confession: your current sales tools might suck

Can you relate to the scenario above? Today, many professionals work 24/7, in short bursts as opportunity or inspiration hits them. If at all possible, they want to do this on their mobile phones.

Now, if your sales tools run on mobile, they most likely do not shine on mobile. They are not optimized for mobile. They might even be carbon copies of their desktop versions, only crammed on a smaller screen.

These are not the modern tools sales stars are looking for.

Full mobile experience is the secret sauce of success

Top B2C mobile apps (like Uber, Google Maps, Instagram) are huge hits because their design is not limited by the desktop paradigm. Instead, they exploited the possibilities of mobile and made the apps really simple and intuitive to use. Most of their users might never even visit their website.

The same is perfectly possible for enterprise tools, too. In an enterprise context, the biggest benefit is increased productivity – user satisfaction and data availability come in second and third.

A great mobile experience is built with fluent interaction and input methods, automation, context awareness and user engagement.

My advice: challenge the legacy conventions. Is typing really needed? Why must an enterprise app look like an enterprise app?

Why can’t work be fun?

Antti Rikkinen – COO