Bringing the Best Mobile Solution to Dreamforce 2018 – Our Journey from Chicago to Dreamforce

Scott HallZero Keyboard

Dreamforce 2018 seemed to be bigger and more organized than ever before. Over 171,000+ Salesforce customers, partners, advisors, developers and enthusiasts made the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco. Long days of various speakers with break out sessions and late nights with after parties.

This year we decided to take a different approach to how we would attend Dreamforce. We wanted to be out with the crowds on the streets and showcase a mobile Zero Keyboard and how it supercharges Salesforce.

We thought what could bring the most attention and stand out the most?

We wanted to go bigger and better

There has been plenty of guerilla marketing in the past such as skywriting, blimps, Christmas carolers and billboard ads. But we wanted to go bigger and better.

Our first concept was a bike to pass out drinks or snacks such as ice-cream. But we thought this might run into trouble and get messy. During the process we found the Icicle Trikes and said we can mount the world’s largest cell phone on top of it and show our demo on the streets!

We got the Icicle Trike and our 43’ Yeti Tablet and started the build. It took much longer than anticipated. Over 3 build days and countless trips to Lowe’s hardware store. After several builds the #supermobiletrike was built.

We then had a challenge of how are we going to get this to Dreamforce across the country! We rented a truck (with Hemi) and drove over 2,100 miles. Passing through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California.

All three days we turned heads

Thousand of Dreamforce Trailblazers saw our #supermobiletrike. We conducted demos on the sidewalk, in the park and even while riding the bike. Everyone loved the easy way you can enter data into Salesforce.

We are now packing up our trike and heading back home to Chicago. If you have any pictures of our trike, please post them on Twitter using hashtag #supermobiletrike.

For more information about Zero Keyboard, please drop me a line!

Scott Hall
Director, Business Development – North America