How to win at Enterprise Mobility

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The world is changing faster than ever and one major shift is from the big screen to the small screen. In the B2C markets, mobile has eaten the world. The winners are companies like Uber, AliExpress and TripAdvisor – players who understood the importance of mobile early enough. In B2B the mobile revolution is still ahead, though. In this post … Read More

Making your sales team fall in love with your CRM

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The relationship status with most sales reps and CRMs usually falls in the It’s complicated category. Data drives modern sales but salespeople don’t really like providing all that data. Is there something you could do about it?Here are our tips for motivating your sales team to take the most out of your CRM. Spell out the benefits Nobody wants to … Read More

The current state of sales tools – Q&A with experienced sales manager Nikolai Pietiläinen

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We met up with Nikolai Pietiläinen, an experienced B2B sales professional and sales team leader, and talked about building a great sales team and the current state of sales professionals’ digital tools. Where will digital tools be in 5 years? Read on to find out! Zero Keyboard: Hi Nikolai, great to have you! Who are you? Nikolai: “I’ve done B2B … Read More

Top 5 reasons why your sales data sucks!

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Sales reps are a bit like circus jugglers. Not that they have a funny hat, but they constantly have to keep multiple balls (clients) in the air. Dropping a ball (forgetting an essential detail) is never good. Luckily, sales reps have an unfair advantage over jugglers – modern, digital tools like Salesforce and Pipedrive that allow offloading your limited memory … Read More

Business cards in 2018 – fact or fiction?

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Ah, business cards. Those tiny pieces of physical evidence that you have been within a handshaking distance of a person. Or a lead, a prospect, or a future partner, perhaps. But how are business cards faring these days, in the age of social media and digital interaction? Has technology phased out physical business cards? After all, they have not changed … Read More