How We Hacked Dreamforce

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

We had one big question in mind when we started our Dreamforce 2015 project – how to stand out from the thousands of other great products on Cloud Expo floor?Some of the big guys are playing with million-dollar conference budgets. How do you compete in attention with the budget of couple thousand dollars when booth next to you is handing … Read More

Dreamforce 15’ – how to control the chaos

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

150,000 attendees, 2,600 speakers, 1,600 sessions and keynotes and 10 million Salesforce Live viewers. Dreamforce is the largest software conference on Earth. Our Zero Keyboard team visited Dreamforce last year for the very first time. We were stunned about the size of the event. At first, it felt overwhelming, too enormous to handle. During the four days, we started to … Read More

It’s not about suits

Xavier OllandZero Keyboard

I really appreciate wearing suits. Though I must admit I don’t wear suits anymore in the startup universe, there is nothing like a nicely tailored costume. Let’s take Hugo Boss as an example, they offer ready to wear costumes that should fit anyone. But if you are skinny as I am, well, the costume might not look that nice, despite … Read More

Drowning in business cards

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

If you’re like me you come home from conferences and trade shows packed with new ideas and huge pile of business cards. After breathing office air for a while it’s time to start the follow up, right? Well, I can break the task into two significant problems, and I bet you feel my pain: I would need to convert those … Read More