Salesforce Sandbox: What is It & How to Get Started

Laura PitkänenSalesforce Tutorials

What is a Salesforce sandbox? Why do I need one? The bigger your organization, the more complex your Salesforce setup is likely to be. There could be several automated processes, workflows, different apps, and managed packages installed. In order to keep your Sf trouble-free and running smoothly, these add-ons would have had to be tested in a way that didn’t … Read More

Salesforce Certification Verification: How-To

Laura PitkänenSalesforce Tutorials

Staying Salesforce certified If you are a Salesforce admin, you probably already know you’ve got to maintain your certification three times a year to make sure you are on board with the latest release of Salesforce. With all the hard work you put into getting certified in the first place, it would be a shame – and a waste of … Read More

How to Merge Accounts in Salesforce

Niklas SluijterSalesforce Tutorials

At some point in time you’re bound to run into duplicate records in your CRM. While they might seem harmless, duplicate data has significant impact on business performance.

Here’s how you merge accounts and keep your data clean by removing duplicates.