150,000 attendees, 2,600 speakers, 1,600 sessions and keynotes and 10 million Salesforce Live viewers. Dreamforce is the largest software conference on Earth.

Our Zero Keyboard team visited Dreamforce last year for the very first time. We were stunned about the size of the event. At first, it felt overwhelming, too enormous to handle. During the four days, we started to get a hold of it. On cloud expo, you’ll see the top partner solutions. Attending keynotes you get the overall picture where the industry is going. On top of that you can add spices from the hundreds of great sessions made possible by Salesforce, partners and customers. And don’t forget the evening events which actually might be the best place to make those crucial connections for your business.

But maybe the most important and beneficial single factor is that, you have basically the whole ecosystem around you – in one place! Everyone you meet on the floor, in the sessions, in the garden and evening parties, is a possible customer, partner or other salesforce user dealing with same kind of challenges as you. How about that! Every encounter matters, every one of them.

Our aim with Zero Keyboard is to make Salesforce as easy to use on mobile as possible. When planning our own Dreamforce ’15 event we quickly realized that the best way to handle the chaos is our own tool. So why not share the benefits with all the Dreamforce visitors? And so we did. We created a couple of quick templates to record every encounter and interesting thing you see at Dreamforce straight to your own Salesforce account. Use Dreamforce Lead to get qualified leads to Salesforce in seconds and Dreamforce Note to capture anything interesting you see during the four-day event. The best part is that, as our name indicates, you can do this without typing 🙂

Zero Keyboard for Dreamforce ’15 can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It works out of the box. Just sign in with your Salesforce credentials and start capture leads and notes. And If you’re happy you can continue using the app after the Dreamforce as well.

See you guys next week!

Antti Rikkinen – COO