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Zero Keyboard benefits for all Sales levels

For organizations

More effective sales teams and accurate sales forecasts.
All data gets stored in Salesforce for ownership, analysis and optimization.

For Sales Management

Transparency to team activity levels and performance.
Dramatically reduce friction between management and salespeople.
Managing the sales team becomes easier.

For Sales Teams & People

Salespeople are freed from time and location constraints and they are able to work anytime and anywhere.
Reliable data will be available to help win more deals.
Motivates sales to enter sales activity instantly.

For your enterprise

Security first

We are a registered Salesforce ISV partner and on regular basis our apps goes through scrutiny of Salesforce's security team. Our solution is certified by Salesforce itself, which guarantee the safety of your data.

GDPR compliant

Zero Keyboard is fully GDPR compliant. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information or contact us for more information.

All of Salesforce and more

Access and update all objects, including custom ones and from managed package. Zero Keyboard enables the fastest data capture for all Salesforce records. Add your own screens: dashboards, privacy policy, etc. You only define the limits.

Zero Keyboard's Studio

Take full control of the solution. Use our smart components, create questions and organize them as workflows for an enhanced mobile experience. Manage what your teams access and see in the app.


Zero Keyboard is automatically integrated to Salesforce: no integration or technical project is needed. All customizations can be implemented with Zero Keyboard Studio. But we'll provide you with the services you need for a succesful implementation.

Your app, your brand

Let your end users fell at home and bring your brand colors to the app.