The relationship status with most sales reps and CRMs usually falls in the It’s complicated category. Data drives modern sales but salespeople don’t really like providing all that data. Is there something you could do about it?Here are our tips for motivating your sales team to take the most out of your CRM.

Spell out the benefits

Nobody wants to do chores without understanding why they are important. Explain your team why your CRM exists. Why accurate and timely data entry is important. How the data is utilized to increase the result of the entire team. And, very importantly, how CRM data benefits each individual sales rep personally (“This will stop me from calling you every night” is a solid benefit, but also tell them how it affects their bottom line).

You do not have to justify each and every data entry field, but make sure everyone understands the big picture and what is in it for them personally.

Power up your CRM

CRMs usually fail because data entry is too difficult and takes too much time. If you are using a well-established CRM, there’s probably an entire ecosystem of apps and enhancements that make things easier.

Introduce tools that make data entry quick and easy. When sales reps can painlessly punch in meeting details, entering data becomes a routine instead of a to-do list item that never gets done. Explore mobile-optimized tools that provide a smooth user experience and do not require booting up a laptop.

Give them some slack

So, let’s assume your team and your CRM start getting along better. Now, stop asking and bothering them for the same data you can look up from your system. In your weekly sales meetings, don’t make everyone repeat their figures. Use the CRM to visualize your team’s performance and goals.

Also, now that you have some more free time, use that time to coach your sales reps. Turning from a demanding boss to a helpful mentor is also one of the benefits of properly using a CRM.

Start with the why

The last thing on our list is the one you should actually start with. Buy your team members a lunch and ask them what’s wrong with your CRM or processes. Why entering data never gets done or is forever delayed? What could make things better? How would you improve things?

So, if you think the relationship between your team and your CRM is on the rocks, maybe it is time to play Cupid and make them a perfect match.

Jukka Harjunen – CMO