Before summer is always a good spot to look back and see what you have achieved in the first half of the year. For Zero Keyboard spring has been in many ways a time of acceleration, you could even call it a Spring boom.We have activated in the investment market and participated several startup competitions. We were selected as a TOP100 startup company in Europe by Red Herring. In Silicon Valley we were selected to a handful of pitching competitions and managed to get to top in most of them getting first place in the Silicon Valley ElevatorPitch. We’ve been thrilled to see how well the audiences in both sides of the pond have taken our product, value proposition and business model.At the same time things are happening also in Finland as we got selected to the TOP3 in Arctic 15 pitching competition. We won Pitch Finland by Fiban and got to the final TOP5 in The Shift event in Turku.

All of this combined means that we are well positioned to choose our partners with whom we accelerate the spread of Zero Keyboard into a global success story in ecosystem.

Stay tuned for big news from product side as well. We released a big new version of Zero Keyboard in February and coming again with new version before summer where the aim has been to make all the functionalities as easy as possible for our user to use. Feedback from our beta users has been really promising and we are ready to bring the version 4.0 out to all of our users. More of the new version in the coming posts.

Rauli Rikama – CTO