How to win at Enterprise Mobility

Antti RikkinenZero Keyboard

The world is changing faster than ever and one major shift is from the big screen to the small screen. In the B2C markets, mobile has eaten the world. The winners are companies like Uber, AliExpress and TripAdvisor – players who understood the importance of mobile early enough. In B2B the mobile revolution is still ahead, though. In this post … Read More

Business cards in 2019 – fact or fiction?

Jukka HarjunenZero Keyboard

Ah, business cards. Those tiny pieces of physical evidence that you have been within a handshaking distance of a person. Or a lead, a prospect, or a future partner, perhaps. But how are business cards faring these days, in the age of social media and digital interaction? Has technology phased out physical business cards? After all, they have not changed … Read More