Salesforce report: role of sales is changing, technology-savvy teams will thrive

Jukka HarjunenZero Keyboard

What are the key global trends in sales right now? What are the top sales teams doing today to stay ahead tomorrow? Here are our key takeaways from Salesforce’s State of Sales report that studied over 3,100 global sales professionals. We’re living the Age of the Customer! According to Salesforce, today’s customers are empowered by technology and know the importance … Read More

Optimize productivity with full mobile experience

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Let’s take a quick role-playing exercise. I’ll play a 30-something, success-hungry B2B sales professional. You’re my sales team leader. I want to close great deals quickly. You want to keep your team happy and productive. Sounds fair? Let’s do it. I’ll start with a confession: I don’t really care about the working hours set in my contract at all. I … Read More

The current state of sales tools – Q&A with experienced sales manager Nikolai Pietiläinen

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We met up with Nikolai Pietiläinen, an experienced B2B sales professional and sales team leader, and talked about building a great sales team and the current state of sales professionals’ digital tools. Where will digital tools be in 5 years? Read on to find out! Zero Keyboard: Hi Nikolai, great to have you! Who are you? Nikolai: “I’ve done B2B … Read More