Maximize Sales Velocity with data and transparency.

Track sales activity and enter CRM data effortlessly, with the Zero Keyboard platform & mobile apps for Salesforce.

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Maximize Sales Velocity with data and transparency.

Track sales activity and enter CRM data effortlessly, with the Zero Keyboard platform & mobile apps for Salesforce.

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Instantly create Salesforce Leads & Contacts from business cards and badges.

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Trade Show

Capture, qualify and follow-up faster to achieve maximum ROI from events.

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Sales Activities

Guided sales worflows to improve sales performance & management.


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Create leads and contacts in Salesforce from business cards, even without an internet connection.

Popular Features
  • Leads & Contacts from Business Cards
  • Most Accurate Offline OCR
  • Voice-to-Text Memos
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Trade Show

Capture, Qualify and Follow-up every encounter to Maximize event ROI.

Popular Features
  • All Features from Scanner
  • Campaign Linking
  • Gamified Lead Capture
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
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Sales Activities

Reach quotas by collecting all essential customer and acvity data with guided sales workflows.

Popular Features
  • All Features from Scanner
  • Outlook Integration
  • Call Logging & Notes
  • Task Management


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Sales Velocity

More Time for Revenue

Zero Keyboard reduces time spent with crm by 38%. This means more time to focus on selling and sustaining sales cadence

Transparency in Sales Activities

Automatically log Calls, Meetings and effortlessly enter sales data into Salesforce with our patented Workflow Technology. No more incomplete records in CRM.

Fuel for the Sales Cycle

With the tools to work with CRM more efficiently and the increase in data quality, Zero Keyboard speeds up Sales Cycles and Sales Velocity.

Marketing ROI

Let Your Event Staff Shine

Zero Keyboard helps event staff ask the right questions at the right time and collect data quickly. They can focus on genuine conversations instead.

Gamified Lead Generation

In-App Leaderboards keep your staff on top of their game and drives them to maximize their efforts at events.

Transparent Event Marketing ROI

Custom Salesforce Dashboards show the results of every event and user in amazing detail. From Lead-to-Deal.

Data Quality

Improve Data Quality & Availability

Automatic data collection and error free data entry workflows supply your organization with real-time and accurate data.

Work with More

A single workflow can update as many objects and records as required.

Enable Management

Custom Reports & Dashboards give managers the tools to succesfully manage their teams.

CRM Adoption

Reduce CRM Complexity

Zero Keyboard makes working with CRM a breeze. Less time onboarding and figuring out what to do where.

CRM on Mobile

Fully utilizing smartphone capabilities, Zero Keyboard provides a mobile CRM experience your people will want to use.

Users Come First

The app and its functionalities are designed around the user’s daily work. Only adding value and not extra work.

Supercharge Processes

Create your own in-app workflows to support how your organization gets things done. Tools for data entry and activity logging make recurring tasks easy!

Increase CRM Adoption

Significantly reduce the complexity of working with CRM from mobile devices. People will love updating CRM with Zero Keyboard

High Quality Data

Increase sales velocity and boost business with the stream of accurate data Zero Keyboard enables. Your CRM has never been this up-to-date!

5-Star Ratings on Salesforce App Exchange


Zero Keyboard makes data entry into Salesforce fast and easy. It lets users log calls, create leads, scan business cards, collect information, manage tasks, calendar events, and more on the go, even offline, without typing. Zero Keyboard is the perfect companion for Salesforce users. The company has offices in Helsinki and Chicago.
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