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Update Salesforce without typing. Log calls, create contacts and leads, manage tasks, calendar events, and more on the go, even offline

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"We needed a faster way to capture leads at trade shows"

We wanted to take our Salesforce mobile experience to the next level. We went through a rigorous scoring and vetting process, with only one clear winner: Zero Keyboard.

— Jorge Rodriguez
Manager, Sales and Marketing Technology
Catalent Pharma Solutions

The easiest way to keep Salesforce Up-to-Date

Everyone who works with Salesforce spends a lot of time updating information. Each contact and meeting has to be reported. Data entry is a pain and it's often left undone. This causes unreliable reports and low adoption rate of Salesforce. Zero Keyboard enables you to update Salesforce without typing, on the move. This saves you up to a day a week, which you can spend on something more interesting than updating Salesforce.

Swipe, don't type!

Zero Keyboard is an App for iOS and Android that makes data entry easy and mobile. You can update Salesforce records by using swipes, photos and voice instead of typing. Log calls, create contacts and leads, manage tasks, calendar events, and more on the go, even offline. All without typing. Just download, and start working smarter.

Business card scanner

Easiest way to enter a new lead or contact into Salesforce; take a photo of a business card with Zero Keyboard App. The name, email, phone number, title, address and other details details will be saved into Salesforce. The picture is saved to Salesforce for future reference. All without typing.

Call and log calls

You can call all your Salesforce contacts directly from Zero Keyboard App. After the call, you can log information, add notes and create a follow-up task. All without typing.

Log meetings and sync calendar to Salesforce

Easiest way to keep your calendar up-to-date in Salesforce; with a single swipe, sync meeting information from your phone's calendar as events to Salesforce. The meeting information is copied from your phone and attendees are automatically linked. You can also create new events, add meeting notes and follow-up tasks. All without typing.

Manage tasks in Salesforce

All your tasks and follow-up reminders are easily available. Mark tasks done with a single swipe or quickly add notes and follow-up tasks. All without typing.

Team Edition

Improve sales team's performance

Zero Keyboard Team Edition enables sales teams to improve productivity up to 20 % and Salesforce adoption up to 3x. Let sales people sell!

Customize to fit the team's way of working

Team Edition allows modifying Zero Keyboard to fit the team's way of working and support any customizations made to Salesforce.

Update accounts and opportunities

Easily update accounts and opportunities on the go; collect information and change the amount, status or closing date, and link tasks or events with a few swipes. All without typing.

Enterprise Edition

Benefits of Zero Keyboard for the whole organization

The Enterprise Edition allows individual customizations for every team in the organization. This enables each team to gain the productivity boost and increase in Salesforce adoption rate.

Zero Keyboard Studio gives you full control

Zero Keyboard Studio is a WYSIWYG design application, that allows customization of all areas of Zero Keyboard. The Studio allows you to edit existing workflows, design new workflows and choose user views and access.

Salesforce AppExchange

Enterprise Edition integrates automatically to Salesforce via an AppExchange packet. No technical implementation is required.

Personal EditionOne size fits all

$0 Free

Download now

  • Zero Keyboard App
    Use swipes, photos and voice to update information in Salesforce without typing
  • Scan business cards
    Create contacts by scanning business cards
  • Log calls
    Make and Log calls to contacts in Salesforce and add follow-up tasks
  • Log meetings
    Sync meeting info from your phone calendar to events in Salesforce and add follow-up tasks
  • Manage tasks
    Manage tasks and follow-ups in Salesforce
  • Support service
    Email & in-app chat

Team Editioncustomize & share


Per user, per month

  • Includes all free edition features +
  • Extended content
    Also create leads, notes, events and tasks
  • App customization
    Activate and deactivate features to match your needs.
  • Link to opportunities
    Link contacts, calls and all activities to opportunitites.
  • Link to marketing campaigns
    Link new leads to active marketing campaigns.
  • Customize to fit Salesforce
    Setup Zero Keyboard to comply with your organization's fields and rules in Salesforce
  • Team management
    Add colleagues to your team and share your customisation with them.
  • Attachments
    Attach photos, voice and text notes to all your updates.

Enterprise Editionfor specific needs

Tailored pricing

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  • Includes all team edition features +
  • Premium support
    Get premium support on customizing and creating Zero Keyboard workflows
  • Advanced customization
    Gain access to the Zero Keyboard Studio where the whole Zero Keyboard user experience can be customized
  • Custom objects and fields
    Use Zero Keyboard to update accounts, campaigns, cases, etc. and all custom objects and fields
  • Manage multiple Teams
    Assign users to teams and define unique customizations and rights for each team
  • Multiple languages
    Enable users in different countries to use Zero Keyboard in any language, and collect all the data in your chosen reporting language
  • Automatic reporting
    Get access to automatic reports generated by Zero Keyboard Managed Packet (needs to be installed to your Salesforce via App Exchange)
  • Company branding
    Customize the look and feel of Zero Keyboard with your organization’s custom colors and logo

Download for free and log in with your Salesforce credentials Download Zero Keyboard

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